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Driving Instructor Career

  Lime driving school currently operates in a limited area of the Sydney Inner west and we often get calls from outside this area from customers who would like to use our service. Unfortunately we are having to pass on these jobs.  

  We are looking for people to set up and operate in other areas of Sydney under our Lime driving school brand. Unlike a traditional franchise arrangements which other major schools offer, ours is a Licence agreement which allows you to use our great name and help build up a network of schools in all areas of Sydney. Power in numbers! You own your business fully and deal with your own customers from booking through to payment. 

  We will handle the online presence and marketing to keep new customers calling. You give lessons and build your school into a valuable business of value should you decide to sell one day. This is an ideal job for anyone wanting to only work a few days or up to 7 days a week. Unlike the major driving schools who work their instructors hard and receive a 30% cut of their fee, our arrangement ensures you keep almost all your turnover.  


  If you think this is something you may be interested in and would like to learn more, please contact us here and we can arrange an obligation free meeting over a coffee at a mutual location. 


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If you don't have an instructors licence here is some information on the requirements to become an instructor. OPEN