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Question: How "green" is Lime Driving school. (No pun intended!)

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously so to minimise any impact on the environment, we purchase more than enough carbon credits each year to cover any carbon produced by our car. 


Question: I did my P1 driving test in an auto but now I want to drive a manual.

You can still drive a manual car BUT only under the supervision of a full Australian licenced driver. Just display your red P plate as usual. To drive manual solo you must pass another P1 driving test in a manual car OR wait until you get your P2 licence when the auto only restriction ends.

Question: Do you have discounts or package prices?

Our prices are fixed however everyone gets a discount as they proceed with lessons. After the first 4 lessons the price drops and then again on the 10th lesson there is another drop in price. This system allows everyone to get a discount without having to pay huge amounts up front and be forced into taking a fixed number of lessons.  


Question: Can I change driving schools during my learner period?

Yes. You can change driving schools at any time and the next driving school should be able to continue with your training from the notes at the back of your logbook. You will only get 3 for 1 hours up to 10 hours regardless of how many instructors or driving schools you use. 


Question: When do I pay and what payment types do you accept for driving lessons?

Payment is taken at the end of each lesson. We accept cash, CBA mobile app, Pay id transfers and we have an in-car eftpos facility. There are no additional fees for electronic payments.  


Question: Why is there such a fluctuation in lesson prices between schools in Sydney?

There are many reasons for this. You can read a detailed editorial here.

Question: My current driving school instructor has only logged 1 hour for each lesson. Why?

There are three possibilities. Firstly, they is not a RMS licensed driving instructor and therefore they are breaking the law by giving you paid instruction. Ask to see their Instructor licence as you may not be covered in the event of an accident or injury. Secondly, a 3hr for 1hr lesson only counts if it is a structured lesson plan (there are 20) which you can find at the back of your log book. If the instructor has given you lessons and not one of them a structured lesson then they may not be teaching you correctly and no better than you driving with your parents. Thirdly, you may have completed your total 10 hours with an instructor already.


Question: How much do driving lessons cost?

Sydney rates are between $40-$90/hr. If you are just looking for cheap driving lessons or schools, you will only get what you pay for. Some schools offer very low rates but you may take 2 or more tests before you will pass. So if you pay for a cheap driving lesson and attempt the test 3 times to pass, it will cost you more than had you used the highest priced driving school in Sydney.  We believe our rates are a fair price and our service is of the highest standard. We will never suggest you take the test unless we are confident of a pass. 


Question: I'm new to driving and want to drive a manual car. What's the best way to start off ?

We recommend that you start in an automatic to gain confidence in driving and to get experiece in traffic situations. This way you'll be more relaxed when the shifter & clutch is introduced. 


Question: Are driving instructor lessons compulsory?

No. However, RMS statistics show learners who have not had lessons have less than 60% first pass rate. 


Question: How many lessons will I need before I can pass the P1 drivers licence NSW test ?

Everyone progresses at their own pace and it's up to the individual. We've given a student only 1 lesson just before their test and have given another over 40 lessons before they attempted their test. Most students will know when they are confident and ready to take the test. We'll never try and sell you more lessons than needed and will advise you to book the test when we feel you have the skills to pass. 


Question: How many hours do I need in my NSW logbook and how can I achieve this as quickly as possible.

In NSW, if you are under 25 with an Australian learner licence you must have 120 logged hours in your book and held your learner licence for 12 months. You can either drive the full 120 hours with a supervising driver such as a parent OR do 10 hours with a licenced driving instructor (30 hours credit) plus do the safer driving course (20 hours credit) plus the remaining 70 hours with a supervising driver/instructor. Achieving 120 hours does not guarantee you are ready for the P1 test. An accredited driving instructor can advise you of your readiness. If you are over 25 you do not need to do the 120 hours and only need to pass the driving test when ready. 


Question: What logbook credit do I get with a licensed driving instructor?

Each hour with a licenced driving instructor giving a structured lesson counts as 3 hours in your log book up to a maximum of 10 hours (30 hours credit). Night lessons are counted as 1 night & 2 day hours. All licenced driving schools are bound by this RMS rule.


Question: What's this new safer driver course about?

The government has introduced this course to help lower the accident rate amongst P plater and reduce the number of driving hours required on your learners licence. The course costs $140 and is approx 5 hours duration with a mixture of classroom and driving activities. It is totally optional to do this course and NOT mandatory. Learners must have a minimum of 50 hours driving experience (not including your bonus instructor hours) before they can do this course. Once completed, you will be credited with 20 hours in your logbook. Currently only the larger driving schools are offering the course.


Question: Do you have any female driving instructors?

No. Our male instructor is totally professional and understanding to all his customers needs. With a son and daughter himself he has great success and a good rapport with learners of all ages and genders. 

Question: Are the major driving school instructors better than an independent?

Not necessarily. The instructors giving you lessons from these schools are independents who are contracted with the company and display the company signage on their cars. Although they are usually a highly polished outfit giving very professional lessons, they can be somewhat inflexible to your specific needs. Being an independent ourselves means that we have total control and say over how we conduct lessons and liaison with the customer. And rest assured that lessons we give are to the highest industry standard.