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Soon we will upload some courses around test centres for you to practice before the test. These are NOT the actual courses as each test centre has many set courses to choose from. We have designed these routes to take in some of the actual roads you may travel along in any of the courses you may get on the day. 


Some of the most common fail items you can focus on are:


- STOP signs at the exit of the carparks and in general around the course. Make sure you are within 1m of the line.

- Doing all your head checks during turns, maneuvers, merges & traffic lights as required.

- Indicating correctly a minimum of 5 seconds before the action being indicated. 

- Not crossing any lines unless necessary and in which case using your indicator and a head check. 

- Pulling out on another oncoming vehicle and forcing them to slow down or change lane to get around you. 

- Running an amber light when you had sufficient time to stop safely.


Some common myths are:


- Testing officers do not have a pass/fail quota. They have to be sure you will be a safe driver to pass you.

- There are no "tricks" in the test which can cause you to fail. If you missed something you weren't observing enough.

- All test centres have courses designed to take in a variety of situations. There are no easier centres to test at except    that some have faster speed limits than others or multi lane roads where others have a single lanes.