Driving Lesson

Getting your hours quickly

In NSW, learners are required to complete a total of 120 logbook hours with a minimum of 20 hours at night. You can get these hours much quicker by these methods.

  • Using an accredited driving instructor who can give you 3 hours for each hour of lessons (except for night lessons which are logged as 1 hour night & 2 hours day) but only up to 10 lessons (=30 hours in the logbook). There is no limit on the number of lessons you can take but after 10 it is recorded as 1 for 1 in the logbook.

  • After reaching 50 actual hours of driving you can enroll in the safer drivers course. This is run by the larger driving schools and completing the course will give you 20 hours in the logbook. The course is around 5 hours long and costs $140. Search "safer drivers course" online.

There's no benefit to cheating your hours as it will show in your driving that the experience isn't there. Record every drive regardless of how short it is and never record more than 2 hours in one drive without a break as it will be rejected by the assessor at the test. As with anything, you can't beat having the experience.