What They’re Saying

Best driving instructor. Enrico is very calm, patient and a friendly guy, I felt comfortable and confident during my lessons. He provides excellent tips that are helpful not just for the test but to be a safe driver. Highly recommended!


Enrico is such a fantastic instructor, taught me everything I needed and more! Would recommend him to anyone on their L's


Lime Driving school has been one of my best investments rather than a choice. When I started with Lime i had absolutely no driving experience, and the closest experience is having ridden a bicycle on my backyard ! Suffered some major road fear and had no hopes of ever driving on the roads. Thanks to Enrico my instructor, I managed to obtain a license in just a few weeks of classes, I have to give them credit for their absolute professionalism, patience and knowledge. They instil the right road sense and skills to drive safe. Thanks Enrico and Team.. well done !!


Best in the business !!
Very patient, good guidance and great techniques!!!


He such a friendly and approachable guy. When I first started with him I wasn't confident at all in my driving. He has really helped me become confident in myself as a driver. He has a lot of patience, and is willing to take it at the pace you need/want. Definitely highly recommend!


I really loved my experience! Such a friendly guy. He really knows how to teach, and uses the best techniques to do so! Has lots of patients and just brings really good positive vibes. What more could you want! Highly recommended!!


I just wanted to say thank you and that my family are so happy! I wouldn't ever got my licence without such an awesome teacher!


Thanks so much for all your help. You helped me increase my confidence when driving and gave me some great driving tips that I will use for the rest of my life! Thank you! :)


The BEST driving school and instructor you could ever ask for. Enrico is a friendly, calm and patient teacher that always did his best to help me to improve my skills to achieve my license easily. A very happy satisfied customer! Highly recommend Lime Driving School


Enrico is a great driving instructor who is extremely patient, understanding and approachable at all times. His teaching style is very practical, which allowed me to practice on the road as much as possible. I passed my driving test on the first go, which I commend Lime Driving School for. I highly recommend!


loved my experience with enrico! without his guidance i would not of felt as comfortable on the road. he was professional and was always very positive in any situation. thanks so much again! would always recommend you


Yay! A big thank you Enrico for your help & advise in helping Luke obtain the skills for driving. I'll see you again in 2 years with my 2nd son


Thank you very much Enrico for all of your guidance. You are an amazing instructor who helped me not only to pass first time, but also to allow me to feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel. Thank you for supporting me! I share this success with you!


I would like to thank Enrico for his patience! You are such a great instructor and I wouldn't be able to pass my driving test without you. Thank you so much and I do appreciate all your help!


Just letting you know I passed my test! Thank you so much for all your help, it made me feel a lot more confident!


I have been extremely happy with my experience with Lime Driving School. Not only were the staff friendly and professional, but their endless patience enabled me to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend Lime Driving School to all of my friends for affordability and great service!


Thanks so much Enrico you were such a great help! I share this success with you!


I would just like to say thank-you to our driving instructor Enrico for all the lessons & also the use of his car during my daughter Tylah's driving test. This enabled her to pass the test & get her P's. My daughter felt immediately comfortable & at ease with Enrico due to his patient, calm & relaxed professional manner. He was very helpful & accommodating at all times during the course of our lessons. If you are looking for great service; an excellent instructor & peace of mind as a parent I would highly recommend this service. I was extremely happy & certainly won't hesitate in recommending Lime Driving School to all my friends! 
Thank-you again for a great service at an affordable price


I had a small amount of driving experience and I ended up having 6 lessons with Enrico after going through 2 different instructors. Enrico was brilliant, he was patient and gave me a huge amount of confidence in myself and my ability. He taught me things the other instructors didn't that were essential. This was why I passed my test on the first attempt!


fantastic driving school, taught me all the skills i needed to know. Enrico was also very patient and easy to get along with which made the experience of learning to drive enjoyable.


Thanks so much Enrico for all your patience & guidance along my L's journey. Go Lime Driving School!


A fantastic instructor who taught me everything I need to know whilst being both patient and supportive!


Thank-you Enrico for giving me the skills as well as confidence to pass my driving test!! Lime Driving School (Enrico) provides amazing lessons in attempting to teach their students the rules and regulations of the road. Enrico was patient, and really helped with understanding the difference between what to do, as well as what not to do in certain situations. Teachings were clear and when further explanation was needed, no hesitation was given. I would definitely recommend Lime Driving school to anyone looking for lessons. Amazing service and well worth the money. Thank-you again.


a great and supporting instructor that has provided me with opportunities to try out and test my capabilities under constant supervision. Enrico has given me many opportunities to practice and learn from my many mistakes and bad habits, in which these were pointed out to me immediately, making for great learning experiences that I could relate to. Thanks to his support, I have now successfully passed the Driving test with a "near" perfect score of which I am very proud of