Driving Lesson

Tips for the driving test

There are many tips we could give you but we highly recommend at least getting a few lessons before the test by a local instructor as they will have knowledge of the testing centre you will attempt the test at. Here are just a few common tips.

  • HEAD CHECKS. The most common fail item. Checking at turns, changing direction or position and first car off the lights on green are common misses.

  • STOP SIGNS. Not stopping correctly or at all. You must be completely stopped within 1m of the line, check for traffic, then proceed when safe. It is allowed to creep forward over the line after stopping to get a better view when there is an obstruction blocking your view but don't go too far out as to obstruct a car driving past you or it's an instant fail. Look out for a stop sign at many centres as you leave the car park.

  • LANE MARKINGS. If you are forced to touch or cross a centre line due to an obstruction in your path you must indicate and do a head check both ways. If the obstruction is only for a short period (eg; a car reverse parking) then just wait.

  • Keep your test simple. Don't do more than is asked for by your assessor. If you come across a car turning you can just wait behind and proceed when it finishes it's turn. You are not expected to go around.

  • You cannot ask for help like "should I change lanes?" or "do I go?". This is why you are attempting the test and the assessor will only tell you to decide for yourself. The only things you can ask is for the speed limit where you are, and to clarify or repeat an instruction they gave you.

This book is produced by Service NSW and is a helpful read for anyone attempting the P1 test. OPEN