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Lime Driving School is committed to providing lessons that not only fit every skill level and background, but also infuse our supportive and innovative teaching approach.


How much are driving lessons?

simple pay-as-you-go rates

$70 each for the first 5 lessons

$65 each for the next 5 lessons

$60 each lesson after 10 lessons

$165 test day lesson & use of car for testing

(only for existing customers)

All payment methods accepted


About Lime Driving School

Lime Driving School began in 2012 when the founder Enrico had his own kids learning to drive and saw the lack of passion, enthusiasm and commitment with many driving instructors. Too many instructors focus on daily turnover of lessons rather than allowing the proper time and focus required to teach each student. Having meeting points or picking up the next student during another's lesson are all too common. Some instructors dress more appropriately for the beach than for giving professional driving lessons and all too often their students are attempting the test multiple times before passing. Your safety and learning to drive safely is worth more than saving a few dollars on a lesson.   

Lime Driving School is a personalised school which services only a small area in the inner west of Sydney allowing us to give a better quality of service to our customers. 100% of our customers come through referrals and there is often a long wait to secure a spot so booking early is always a good idea. Are you ready to reach your potential? Call us today to learn more about Lime Driving School.


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